Brianna Banks was looking sexy as hell cleaning in a miniskirt that didn't even cover her ass, as she tidied-up for her friend who was visiting. Next thing they knew, there was a super sexy babe cleaning the pool. Her name was Delilah Davis, and she was subbing for her husband who usually cleans the pool. Delilah was already in a bikini and came in to use the bathroom. She was checking out Brianna's ass the whole time. Then she started flirting hardcore and asked Brianna if she could feel up her implants. Of course, Brianna obliged her. Before we knew it, the girls were stripping down and making out. Brianna and Delilah were crazy hot together, and the lesbian sex was insane. They didn't stop licking pussy and eating ass until both of them had orgasmed multiple times.


On this episode of MILF Next Door Brianna Ray invited her friend Zoey Portland over for some stretching and exercise. The ladies looked super sexy in their tight workout clothes that revealed their pussy prints. They stretched out and did some Yoga for a while and all the touching made them really horny. Brianna got a little frisky, and she started kissing Zoey passionately. Zoey was totally into it, and the two began to pet heavily In no time, they were both butt-naked and showing those hot tits and nice round MILF asses. Brianna took charge and started tonguing Zoey's pussy. Zoey ate her pussy back and the ladies were locked in a hot lesbian sex romp. Brianna sat on Zoey's face with her incredible ass and rubbed Zoey's pussy while prodding her ass with a dildo. The girls orgasmed over and over again and got an amazing workout.


Brianna's friend Sophie was in town to visit. She had let herself in while Briana was out. When Briana returned, she entered into Sophia's room and caught her masturbating in the mirror. Sophia admitted that she had trouble orgasming with her husband. She blamed herself, but Brianna had another theory. She thought it had more to do with Sophia liking girls and trying techniques that were proven among veteran MILF lesbians. So Sophia was game and happily let Brianna lend a hand. In no time, these two sexy MILFs were naked and making out. They revealed their juicy tits and hot plump asses. Brianna sucked Sophia's pussy until she'd definitely had the orgasms she missing is her life. Sophia returned the favor and pleasured Brianna back until she had also achieved orgasm. Then these two hot MILFs sat back and enjoyed each others company, as they spooned and nestled each other.


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When it comes to fine MILFs working out, Allison Moore and Brianna Ray know how it's done. They got together over at Brianna's this weekend to sweat together, as they stretched each other out in their tight and sexy workout clothes. It was so tempting, as they spread their legs and bended deep, not to look at those fine mature pussy prints. It was hot and the ladies were getting horny, so they went over to the shade to take a break. There they started making out and playing with each others tits. The girls sucked those nice boobs and rubbed them down with oil. Brianna and Allison were just getting started though, so they went indoors to really turn up the heat. Inside the house, it was an all-out pussy fest. Brianna and Allison scissored each other, as they rubbed pussies, and they made sure to lick each others clits and assholes until they were completely satisfied. These were some crazy fine MILFs that knew how to please each other. And it was a pleasure watching them do what they do best. In the end, Allison and Brianna had multiple orgasms. It was HOT!

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While the girls relaxed at the pool, Charlotte Davis explained to Brianna Ray how she's been wanting to take her up on her offer for a while but couldn't find a good babysitter. Finally the time had come to accept Brianna's invitation and spend the afternoon with her by the pool. The ladies were looking as sexy as ever in their hot bikinis. And it wasn't long before some of the swimwear came off, and the Charlotte and Brianna were making out. In the middle of sucking each others titties, they could hear the pervy neighbor spying on them, so they took the party indoors. Now all to themselves, these MILFs got right to the clit rubbing, pussy licking and ass eating. They really pleasured each other in every possible way and experienced multiple orgasms. It was one MILFtastic time!

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These two MILFs were like peas in a pod. They were one mind alone when it came to sex. That's really what made this MILF Next Door update with Soleil and Brianna Ray so damn hot. It wasn't just that these two lovely ladies were smoking hot. Nor was it that we had a blond and brunette combo. Instead, it was all about the MILF lesbian sex. As you can see from the pic above, Brianna Ray showed off that delicious pussy and ass of hers, and Soleil had to get in their and tongue all her holes. Brianna returned the favor, as these two sexy MILFs made each other orgasm time and time again. It was a crazy hot update you won't want to miss out on!

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When it comes to fine MILF honeys, Briana Ray and Emily Briar are two of the best. You just can't go wrong with a smoking hot blond and brunette engaging in some insane lesbian porn. For those of you who don't know, Briana Ray is the fine blond with the perfect tits, and Emily Briar is the hot brunette with the incredible ass. These two ladies wasted no time getting to it. They were both very attracted to each other, so it came very naturally when sex came up. The girls started kissing and Briana started licking Emily's tits. After that Emily began to play with Briana's pussy, and it was on. The ladies went forward with some non-stop hole licking and switched from pussy to asshole. Then they pulled out their double-headed dildo and scissored each other until they both came like crazy.

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For those of you who don't know. Loren Nicole is a MILF babe with one of the best asses EVER! As for Brianna Ray, she is a freaky lesbian that loves women with big asses. You can see where this is going. We're talking the perfect combo. Brianna romanced her with a box of chocolates and some sexy lingerie. These MILFs wasted no time making out. Then they had plenty of fun with chocolate and strawberries. They covered, then licked off every last drop. The lesbian sex was insane. You'll love every minute of this MILF Next Door video. Enjoy!

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Ria, a horny Hungarian babe, and Ms. Tiffany, a French beauty, had been hitting the ball to and fro at the local playground. Both women were looking extraordinarily alluring in the soccer uniforms. Then they attract the eye of the guys Tony and Sabby. The 2 guys interact and play along. As the game starts getting sizzling hot the women show off those appealing body frames in the middle of the recreation area. The decision to take this to a more private place arrives immediately. Following that, these people get down to fucking.

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Tony, Renato and Marry are having a celebration. This sexy exotic babe shows up geared up, dressed in lace. This suit shows off the incredible body of this blond haired, blue eyed girl.

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Her lovely butt and excellent boobs, are all accessible for examination. Mr. Renato gets started while Mr. T’s in the kitchen space. When he hears the action moving forward The man Tony runs in, not wanting to miss out on an instant. We found out that the beautiful Marry is exploring economics and wishes to confirm that a pair of dicks will offer a greater return compared to just one. With all three together the get together can finally begin and the fucking begins.

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