Brianna Ray


Kali Kavalli lesbian porn on MILF Next Door

This week we had a MILF packed adventure on MILFs Next Door that featured Brianna Ray, Kali Kavalli and Stacy Savage. On this warm summer day, each lady got a text from their boyfriend to come over for a sex romp. Turned out, they were all getting worked by the same guy. He'd accidentally texted them all, and when they showed up at his door, he booked. But since the ladies were all their, dressed up and looking sexy, they figured why not have a sex romp of their own? So they snuck into their cheating BF's house and had an insane lesbian threesome right there on his couch.

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It was insanely hot right form the start. When those big MILF tits and big luscious asses started coming out, there was no stopping it. Things got hot and heavy real quick. The ladies changed from making out and feeling each other up to sucking pussy and scissoring. It was intense all the way through until they had all orgasmed and were completely satisfied. They'd come to the conclusion they didn't need their deadbeat BF and were going to tell him when he got home.


Candi Coxx big tits MILF

This week Bree and Candi Coxx put on quite a MILF show for us. It was legit. The girls were into each other and looking sexy. They decided to try out their first date with a romantic bike ride on the beach. But, as they cruised along, Candi's bike was having trouble. Bree jumped in to save the day and offered to leave the bike at a friend's house for repairs while they went back to her house and waited. It was all local, so Candi was cool with the plan. It was a crazy hot day, so Bree offered Candi a cold drink to cool her down.

Candi Coxx lesbian porn on MILF Next Door

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The girls were flirting heavily, and pretty soon, Bree rubbed an ice cube on Candi's sweet lips and her chest. Bree and Candi started making out and feeling each other up. Then Bree took Candi by the hand to the bedroom. There the girls stripped down and exposed their incredible curvy bodies. Bree had a round delicious ass, and Candi huge tan tits. The girls sucked each others tits and pussies and even licked those hot butts. Then they scissored each others pussies. The girls both had multiple orgasms until they were exhausted. Then they laid back in each others arms.


Jeanie Marie MILF lesbian porn on Reality Kings

This week on MILF Next Door, we had on two super hot mature ladies for you in Jeanie Marie and Brianna Ray. Bree had the hots for Jeanie for a long time. She came to Bree ready to impress. Jeanie was all dolled up for their encounter, and Brianna had on a sexy outfit she knew would spark Jeanie's interest. She decided she would let the leggings and see through panties do the talking. In no time, the ladies were making out and petting heavy.

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But it didn't end there. Before we knew it, their tits were out, and Bree was going for the vibrator. Jeanie spread wide for the invite, and Brianna played with her pussy over her panties. They quickly stripped down, and the real fun began. The girls ate each other pussies and asses. These two horny MILFs tongued each others pussies until they had each orgasmed multiple times. This one was red HOT!


India Summer and Brianna Ray lesbian porn

This week on MILF Next Door, we had on the lovely India Summer. The way she got mixed into this week's adventure was because Brianna forgot her charger at the airport and saw India had the same phone. It was the prefect icebreaker because she couldn't stop looking at India's gorgeous body. India was cool with lending her the charger, and the two quickly became friends. Brianna invited India back to her place, and she accepted the invitation. Back to the house, Brianna searched her purse for her charger, and her vibrator accidentally fell out.

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India picked it up, and already heated up from Brianna's flirting, she saw the perfect moment to make her move. The two started to make out and strip down naked. These sexy MILFs had amazing bodies with big juicy tits and nice round asses. They went wild on each other, as they licked each others nice holes and gave each other multiple orgasms. After an exhausting session of insane lesbian sex, they laid back in each others arms and gathered up energy for the second round.


Summer Brielle lesbian threesome

Brianna Ray was feeling extra naughty and needed the help of two friends this week on MILF Next Door. She called up and invited over Summer Brielle and Cherie Deville to have a fun-filled afternoon together. While hanging out on the gazebo together, the girls started to strip down naked and expose those incredible tits. Within minutes, they were making out, feeling each other up, and licking on nipples. Not long after, the pussy and the asses came out to play.

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These three MILFs had some booties that were incredible and round, and some pussies that were tight and juicy. They took it upon themselves to lick those pussies good. It was an all-out thrilling threesome that was completely insane. The ladies left no hole unlicked, including those sweet asses. And they didn't stop until they'd all had several orgasms. You won't want to miss this amazing MILF Video with these HOT girls next door.


Krystal Carrington lesbian porn

This week on MILF Next Door, Brianna invited her longtime friend and crush Krystal Carrington over for a fun-filled party for the girls only. Krystal brought her a little gift for her birthday and explained that she had a little time to hang out while the kids were at soccer practice. It worked out perfectly because Brianna's gift was some sexy lingerie that she modeled for Krystal. That got the girls riled up, and they decided to get real up close and personal. When pursued was some insane lesbian MILF action that we couldn't have even imagined.

There was massage lotions, tickling feathers, and hot naked MILFs. It wasn't long after the girls got into the 69 position to lick each others tits. Of course, that only served to heat them up further. So, it was no wonder that they went straight for each others pussies and never let up until their hearts were content. The girls fingered each other, and licked and sucked each others pussies and assholes until they orgasming multiple times. There is nothing quite like two sexy blonde MILFs going at each other with the sexual energy of two cougars. You won't want to miss this one!


Devon and Brianna Ray lesbian porn on MILF Next Door

This week on MILF Next Door, we had two sexy lesbian MILF's for you that were a dynamic duo. This episode featured the likes of Devon and Brianna Ray. They were both gorgeous blonds with luscious bodies and nice big tits. Devon had come by Brianna's house to announce some big news to her. Upon arriving, she told her that she was going to get married. Brianna was happy for her, but she didn't want their sexscapades to end any time soon. The feeling was mutual, and Devon quickly stripped down to show Brianna that she was all about maintaining their sexual “friends with benefits” relationship.

Her tits were big and juicy, and Brianna sucked on them to get her horny. Before long panties had come off, and pussies were get licked and sucked on. The ladies stripped down totally naked and began to scissor each other passionately. It was so HOT watching pussy rub against pussy. Both ladies orgasmed hard several times. When everything was said and done, they were totally cool with staying sex buddies.


Brianna Banks was looking sexy as hell cleaning in a miniskirt that didn't even cover her ass, as she tidied-up for her friend who was visiting. Next thing they knew, there was a super sexy babe cleaning the pool. Her name was Delilah Davis, and she was subbing for her husband who usually cleans the pool. Delilah was already in a bikini and came in to use the bathroom. She was checking out Brianna's ass the whole time. Then she started flirting hardcore and asked Brianna if she could feel up her implants. Of course, Brianna obliged her. Before we knew it, the girls were stripping down and making out. Brianna and Delilah were crazy hot together, and the lesbian sex was insane. They didn't stop licking pussy and eating ass until both of them had orgasmed multiple times.


On this episode of MILF Next Door Brianna Ray invited her friend Zoey Portland over for some stretching and exercise. The ladies looked super sexy in their tight workout clothes that revealed their pussy prints. They stretched out and did some Yoga for a while and all the touching made them really horny. Brianna got a little frisky, and she started kissing Zoey passionately. Zoey was totally into it, and the two began to pet heavily In no time, they were both butt-naked and showing those hot tits and nice round MILF asses. Brianna took charge and started tonguing Zoey's pussy. Zoey ate her pussy back and the ladies were locked in a hot lesbian sex romp. Brianna sat on Zoey's face with her incredible ass and rubbed Zoey's pussy while prodding her ass with a dildo. The girls orgasmed over and over again and got an amazing workout.


Brianna's friend Sophie was in town to visit. She had let herself in while Briana was out. When Briana returned, she entered into Sophia's room and caught her masturbating in the mirror. Sophia admitted that she had trouble orgasming with her husband. She blamed herself, but Brianna had another theory. She thought it had more to do with Sophia liking girls and trying techniques that were proven among veteran MILF lesbians. So Sophia was game and happily let Brianna lend a hand. In no time, these two sexy MILFs were naked and making out. They revealed their juicy tits and hot plump asses. Brianna sucked Sophia's pussy until she'd definitely had the orgasms she missing is her life. Sophia returned the favor and pleasured Brianna back until she had also achieved orgasm. Then these two hot MILFs sat back and enjoyed each others company, as they spooned and nestled each other.

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